Bladows Fiberglass

Services I can provide:

  • Structural fiberglass repair
  • Gel-coat
  • Poly-flake
  • Buff
  • Replace transom's in IO's and outboard hulls
  • Replace and re-build floors and stingers
  • Replace rub rail
  • Order and install carpet
  • Rebuild hatch lids
  • Install non-skid surfaces

I have also made fiberglass products and fiberglass molds. I have handled insurance claims and have worked with most insurance companies over the years, as well.

Products I can provide:

  • Boat accessories (ordered by request)
  • Limited fiberglass products
  • Some basic gel-coat colors
  • Small amounts of custom colors (ordered by request)
  • Fiberglass Mat, Fab Mat, and other associated materials

Project Photos

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

IO Transom Removed

Here I have removed the IO Transom from the boat.

IO Transom Inside

This is the inside view of the replaced IO Transom.

IO Transom Fiberglassed

The IO Transom has new fiberglass.

IO Transom Outside

Here is the outside view of the replaced IO Transom.

Eliminator Restoration

I restored this Eliminator after a total loss burnout.

Fixing Stress Cracks

Just fixing some stress cracks.

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